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8 maggio 2017

SCXML support in QXmlEdit

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SCXML is a W3C standard to describe a state machine and its behavior upon events reception; it is expressed in XML format with bindings with data and scripting code.

QXmlEdit offers support to SCXML with specialized editing dialog and validations.

A special edit mode can be enabled automatically when loading a SCXML file, or manually using a menu item. When loading an XML file, if the format can be guessed as SCXML, QXmlEdit automatically asks if the edit mode can be enabled. Using the preferences panel, the option can be automatically enabled (or disabled) for all the SCXML files.

SCXML Activation

SCXML edit mode activation

The special edit mode sports a context sensible editing, specialized forms and a state navigator that shows the data in hierarchical or flat form.

Each edit form has specific validations for states and identifiers.

There is also a validation of the whole file done using Qt API with a limitation: the only scripting languages supported by Qt are accepted by the validator, currently ECMAScript (aka JavaScript) and C++.

In the normal edit mode it is always possible to invoke an ‘Insert Specialized Element’ for SCXLM, using the keyboard or the menu, enabling the same validations of the extended edit mode.

SCXML Navigator

Navigation of states in SCXML

Some links to resources:

SCXML specifications:

More info on QXmlEdit and in depth tutorial of using SCXML edit mode in QXmlEdit can be found at


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